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About Yoo

Used to be all about Yoo, not you. Go to chungyc.org for new updates.

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Blog obsolescence

I’ve made my decision. Now that my homepage is running on Drupal, I may as well post updates about my personal life over there instead of having a separate blog here. It would make the homepage more than just an almost completely static site of only a few pages. It would also fix the odd situation of having two separate sites about myself maintained by myself separately.

So I’m shutting this blog down. While it will continue to exist for the indefinite future, any updates that I would have made here will now be posted to my homepage at chungyc.org. For the few people who subscribe to the blog feed, you will want to replace the subscription.

Moved homepage

I have finished moving my small personal homepage over to a Drupal site. At the same time, I have also decided to change its domain from www.chungyc.org to chungyc.org, just to make it shorter by getting rid of three letters. The old domain will redirect to the new domain, so all of the old URLs pointing to the front of my homepage will still work.

Now that I’m running my homepage on Drupal, I’m also deliberating whether to move the content on this blog over there. Drupal looks like it would do a good job of integrating a blog into a homepage, so I might as well write events in my life over there as well.

Converting homepage to Drupal

I will be converting my homepage at www.chungyc.org from Google Sites to Drupal. (Yes, I’m old fashioned enough to actually have a separate homepage instead of just a blog.) While Google Sites is good enough for a plain website and has been better than iWeb in many respects, it does limit what I can do with a website. For one thing, there’s no way to include Javascript for potentially useful functionality.

My homepage will probably not be accessible during the transition period, so if you wanted to go there for some reason but couldn’t, at least you’ll know why.

Reserved .name domain

I’ve been deliberating whether to extend the subscription to the yoo.chung.name domain with FreeYourID.com. Despite already having a separate domain for myself, I’ve decided to reserve my own personal .name domain purely to squat on a domain with my own name.

The Conspiracy of Suzumiya Haruhi

I’ve finally finished reading through The Conspiracy of Suzumiya Haruhi, the seventh book in the Suzumiya Haruhi light novel series. Like the previous books in the series, it was an enjoyable read, even though there was a stretch in the middle where I was confused as Kyon was.

The book starts off by dealing with a loose end from The Vanishing of Suzumiya Haruhi, with implications for how time works in the setting of the series. It continues on with schemes by various factions in play, and ends with a shocking conclusion to the treasure hunt.

Reading only a couple of pages per day in the original Japanese obviously took a very long time, but maybe this is a good thing. If I time things right, I could finish reading one book when the next book in the series comes out, although I still need to catch up on two books for now.