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Leopard installation

The package for MacOS X Leopard has finally arrived today. After backing up everything, I wiped out my hard disk and went for a fresh install. While I could have done a simple upgrade, I wanted to get rid of the cruft that accumulated from the applications that I tried out and got rid of.

So far, I am liking the upgrade to the operating system. The new dock, of which I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about, really looks nice. Stacks are also pretty cool. Quick look is really cool. MacOS finally has virtual workspaces, but I’m still not sure if I like its implementation yet.

I’m going to try out Time Machine and see if it’s going to be a good backup solution. I’ll also be trying out Dashcode eventually. I still need to try out other applications such as Mail, iChat, and iCal to see if I like how they’ve changed.

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