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Indiana Jones

I just saw the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While it was an action-filled piece of fun, certain plot points which didn’t connect substantially reduced the enjoyment factor for me. I had deliberately suspended my disbelief of unrealistic physics, so scenes that weren’t realistic weren’t a problem. However, certain parts where I couldn’t make sense of why characters behaved in certain ways or how certain events occurred left me a feeling of bewilderment.

I think the action scenes were great, and most of the actors did a great job acting. Although I did feel that Harrison Ford must have been thinking the same thing as I did in certain scenes that didn’t make sense, in that he seemed to be speaking his script in a way that implies that he couldn’t believe what he was saying it. I don’t think it was bad acting, because in other scenes he was great. If only the plot was coherent enough, the movie would have been a great action flick.

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