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Archive for June, 2008

Dark Integers and other stories

I’m a fan of science fiction writer Greg Egan, so I got a copy of his short story collection Dark Integers and other stories. He’s a writer of hard science fiction, where the science may be fantastic but still plausible given our current knowledge of the world.

The book is a collection of five stories, [...]

Sex and the City

Through a bit of serendipity, I got to watch the movie for Sex and the City yesterday. While at the theater trying to decide what movie to watch, someone approached with tickets to the movie five minutes before it started. Maybe she changed her mind or her date didn’t show up or something, [...]

"Passion and Hope" concert

My school hosted a concert by the Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra this evening. It wasn’t a large orchestra, but it was a nice chance to work while listening to live music, rather than the recorded music I often listen to. I’ve enclosed a small audio snippet with this post so you can listen to [...]

My photograph in the Encyclopedia Britannica

I am an admirer of the Encyclopedia Britannica. I have a full hardcover set from 1990 at home, and often used to simply browse through it at random. And I’d love to get a new set, as in actual books, in maybe a decade. So it’s a real honor when a random [...]

Collapsing sick

I think I collapsed for the first time from sickness. After waking up and feeling an urgent need to go to the toilet, I felt faint and like I was going to throw up, which has happened before, but when I tried to get up I collapsed at the door, which had never happened [...]