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Archive for August, 2008

Mythbusters withdrawal

I’m a big fan of the television show MythBusters. Unfortunately, despite the new season having started several weeks ago, it has yet to be released on the iTunes Store. Given my current situation limiting access to television channels, this means my only other option is to download it from non-official sources. If [...]

Making MSN through Jabber shut up

I’ve been accessing the MSN Messenger instant messaging system using an MSN transport with Jabber that came with the Debian Linux distribution. Unfortunately, it always annoyed me tremendously because it always sent a system alert telling me how many messages I’ve received at Hotmail. Considering that I don’t really use Hotmail except as [...]

Should I move to WordPress?

A Division by Zer0 talks about 31 reasons to move a blog to a self-hosted WordPress installation. While a lot of the reasons either don’t apply to me or are not much of a carrot, some features stand out and tempt me towards WordPress:

Version tracking.
Hierarchical categories, which means that I would be able to [...]

Moving home page to Google Sites

I’ve been maintaining my home page using Apple’s iWeb. (Yes, in this age of personal blogs being the sole primary home page, I actually have a separate web site that’s officially my “home page”, even if it receives a lot less visits than my blogs.) For a variety of reasons, I’ve decided to [...]

Google Ad Manager

Google has released the Google Ad Manager to the public. They need a better introduction to what exactly Ad Manager is, since it took me quite a while before I figured out how things are supposed to work.

Turns out that Ad Manager is a way for advertisers, who want to have their advertisements show [...]