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Google Ad Manager

Google has released the Google Ad Manager to the public. They need a better introduction to what exactly Ad Manager is, since it took me quite a while before I figured out how things are supposed to work.

Turns out that Ad Manager is a way for advertisers, who want to have their advertisements show up on a web site, to directly ask the web site owner to display ads. So it’s not a system for letting advertisers find publishers that provide ad space, it’s a system for an advertiser to create custom advertisements (unlike AdSense) for a publisher to display on the web site. You actually have to seek out advertisers, or the advertisers have to contact you, in order to truly take advantage of Ad Manager.

To test it out, I created a little advertisement for another anime blog and put it on my own anime blog. Basically, I’m acting both as a publisher, the owner of the web site, and the advertiser, the entity who wishes to advertise some specific item. Except unlike most advertisers I’m not advertising something of my own, but rather someone else’s blog. And I’m basically paying myself to display ads.

Payment is apparently not handled by Google Ad Manager. The advertiser has to pay the publisher directly instead of through Ad Manager.

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