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Moving home page to Google Sites

I’ve been maintaining my home page using Apple’s iWeb. (Yes, in this age of personal blogs being the sole primary home page, I actually have a separate web site that’s officially my “home page”, even if it receives a lot less visits than my blogs.) For a variety of reasons, I’ve decided to transition it over to Google Sites. As the DNS entry for the old host expires, more of the world will be able to see the new web site. (And my plans for world domination is that much closer. Muhahaha!)

Some of the advantages that Google Sites has are:

  • Can be edited online
  • Better support for hierarchical structure
  • No redirection of the top-level page
  • Ability to edit raw semantic HTML for ordinary text
  • Layout is not forced to fixed dimensions
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tools

On the other hand, Google Sites does not allow arbitrary HTML such as scripts to be embedded, so it can’t include many of the widgets provided by various web sites. It’s not an important issue for me, at least for now.

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