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I’ve finished listening to the audiobook version of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel. Narrated by the author herself, it is basically an autobiography and gives a personal look of life for women in traditional Muslim societies. Unlike some others, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to it for long stretches. This is not due to any dullness in the book; to the contrary, the tough conditions and heart-wrenching events in her life forced me to take it in by small portions at a time. And the relatively monotonous narration by the author paradoxically heightens the emotional impact rather than dilute it.

If someone told me that a certain audiobook is a long enumeration of events in someone’s life and is narrated by the author with little inflection, my first thought would be that it would be a very boring book. So it is with surprise that I find myself powerfully moved by just such a book. It also showed me the plight of Muslim women in more fundamentally religious cultures, and that much of the blame is inherent in the culture itself. It also highlights what can happen if a population accepts traditions and attitudes without question. And I find myself feeling an enormous respect for Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Atheist Revolution and Candy Coloured Frown also highly recommend the book.

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