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Plausible rumors of iPhone in Korea

iPhone photo by Blake Burris

There is a claim on a forum that the iPhone in South Korea will be released by KTF. The claims are:

  1. The source is a KTF employee.
  2. KTF and Apple managed to negotiate a contract with great difficulty.
  3. KTF and Apple are already training customer support for the iPhone.
  4. KTF is aiming for a release on October 1, but could be delayed because of the mandatory WIPI regulations that might block its introduction.
  5. The source confirmed that it was certain that KTF is going to release the iPhone.
  6. KTF already has an inventory of iPhones ready for sale.
  7. The continuing silence from KTF on the iPhone is due to their marketing strategy.

The claim sounds plausible since the claims are relatively specific and the end of the year is approaching. Also because KTF has been considered the primary candidate for distributing the iPhone in Korea for a while. While I can’t 100% believe in the claims yet, it’s still gives me high hope for the release of the phone within the year.

I still might not be able to get an iPhone in Korea, though. It will all depend on whether one can get it without a regular phone plan even at a much higher upfront cost. And I’m worried that the phone company might be nerfing the iPhone too much. I hope they don’t remove any feature, though, but the phone companies’ track records aren’t very encouraging.

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