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Archive for October, 2008

Korean won crashing

The currency of South Korea, the “won”, is dropping in value precipitously. It’s now a whopping 1440 won to every dollar, compared to it being 1300 won to a dollar even just a month ago. The South Korean economy is apparently melting down even faster than that of the United States.
I’m going to [...]

The Way of the World

I’ve just finished listening to the audiobook version of The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism. It’s a book about the past decade on the events related to terrorism, religion, and democracy. There are two main themes that run through the book. One [...]

November election

As a Californian voter currently living outside the country, I’m an absentee voter who just got the absentee balloting materials in the mail. And as always, I’m struck by how many propositions are included. It feels like there are more and more propositions included in the ballot each election. I’m too lazy [...]

National Coming Out Day

It appears that today is National Coming Out Day. I guess I should use this opportunity to come out of the closet. I am a heterosexual male. At least I think so. I know, it’s incredibly hard to come out under the umbrella of a society ruled by the homosexual agenda, [...]

Dreamhost server upgrade

Dreamhost is upgrading their servers to more powerful and yet more energy efficient machines. I’m going to volunteer myself as one of the first guinea pigs to be migrated to the new machines, so if my blogs suddenly go offline, you’ll know what happened.
It turns out my Dreamhost account was already on the new [...]