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National Coming Out Day

It appears that today is National Coming Out Day. I guess I should use this opportunity to come out of the closet. I am a heterosexual male. At least I think so. I know, it’s incredibly hard to come out under the umbrella of a society ruled by the homosexual agenda, but I managed to gather the resolve to make my sexual orientation public. I hope my actions will help reduce intolerance against heterosexuals and give hope to those still in the closet.

No, wait. I got it backwards: I’m not living in a world dominated by the gays. Whew, that’s a relief. I almost got confused by the rhetoric from bigots who somehow delude themselves into thinking there’s such a thing as a “homosexual agenda”. Anyways, I would still like to use this occasion to express my support to those who are coming out, those who have sexual orientations that too many people still consider “immoral”. I wish the best of luck to them.

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