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Quantum of Solace

Just saw 007: Quantum of Solace. I really enjoyed the film, but I had to tell myself that it’s not a standalone film after the end. Otherwise, I would be going “What just happened?” The setup and motivations won’t make much sense without having seen Casino Royale, and a whole lot of mystery is still left for 007 films in the future. Another way to put it is that Quantum of Solace is neither a beginning nor an end.

Hopefully without spoiling the movie, some points that could be raised are:

  • James Bond is crazy. And only he would jump head-first into the situations he jumps into and make it out in one piece.
  • What’s a Quantum?
  • Goldfinger vibes.
  • An odd mix of 007 cliches and non-cliches.
  • If something goes wrong, we really can blame Canada.
  • The sinister plot of the villain in the movie was probably just a side goal. I can’t imagine what little that could be squeezed out of Bolivia would have been worth the effort.
  • Bolivian safety standards for construction and power generation suck, at least if the movie is to be believed.
  • Oil is the new gold. Or at least someone has an odd obsession with it.
  • We still don’t know about the shadowy organization that seems to be everywhere and yet we knew nothing about. I kept expecting the name SPECTRE to come up.

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