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.name address at FreeYourID.com

.name is one of the newer top-level domain names, intended to be used for registering domains with real names of individual people. One such provider of .name domains is FreeYourID.com, which provides a 90-day free trial for people to try it out. They provide email and website redirection from your .name domain, and also OpenID. And if you have your own name servers, they also allow you to use them so that you can manage your own subdomains.

As part of the free trial, I registered my own domain yoo.chung.name with them. This also means that www.yoo.chung.name redirects to my home page. However, given that I already have my own domain, the only reason to have a .name domain would be to reserve the domain with my own name. I’m not sure if this would be worth the cost that would be incurred after the trial period ends. But it could be a good option for someone who is looking for their own personal domain name and doesn’t have one already.

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    Reserved .name domain : About Yoo:

    [...] been deliberating whether to extend the subscription to the yoo.chung.name domain with FreeYourID.com. Despite already having a separate domain for myself, I’ve decided to [...]